Thomas Essl in a Rare Martinů Opera in Chemnitz

Austrian baritone Thomas Essl, a member of the Theater Chemnitz ensemble from this season, ventures into unfamiliar repertoire in November. Bohuslav Martinů’s opera “Three Wishes or Inconstancy of Life”, premiered in Brno in 1971, tells a fairy-tale story with lively and colorful music that often incorporates elements of jazz and dance music, exploring what enriches life beyond conventional values.

Theater Chemnitz

Bohuslav Martinů: “Three Wishes or Inconstancy of Life”
Thomas Essl: Arthur de St. Barbe/Monsieur Juste
2023: November 18 (Premiere), 24; December 2, 15, 22.
2024: January 12, 30; March 27; May 20; June 18.

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