A Reliable Partner for Presenters, Orchestras and Festivals Everywhere

When it comes to finding the ideal singer, conductor or director for the job at hand, we are a valued partner for opera and concert presenters, orchestras, and festivals all over the world.

We always aim for a long-term relationship with an artist. This lets us build a complete gestalt, fully integrated knowledge backed by facts and intuition both, of the artist’s capabilities, charisma, stage presence and personality. That is, in its turn, the basis for our specific and consistent recommendations.

Esther Schollum, the founder and sole proprietor, also attends numerous opera performances, concerts and other events around the world and is familiar with the varied and multifaceted regional and structural demands that all the participants of a production face. Whether you represent a theatre, a concert venue or an orchestra: this background ensures that our recommendations to you are based on your desires and requirements and have a solid factual basis.

Presenters and festivals everywhere routinely call for our services, from finding a precise fit for a particular role via suggesting entire, balanced and harmonious ensembles to organizing complete tours with symphony orchestras and opera companies. We are also happy to offer advice in programming questions.

Esther Schollum
Artists’ Management