Austrian première: Sophie Rennert and Wolfgang Resch in Peter Eötvös’s “Angels in America”

“Angels in America” is an opera by Peter Eötvös, after a play in which Tony Kushner grapples with the McCarthy-era which was marked by the beginnings of the Cold War and a strongly anti-communist reaction—and by the infamous blacklists for artists thought to sympathize with Communism. Despite being bound, apparently, to one particular decade, the subject is ever-present, in a multitude of aspects.

Sophie Rennert and Wolfgang Resch are cast in two leading parts, essential to present the work in all its depth, and they seize this opportunity to prove once again their talent for infusing modern music with energy, with life. The opera, produced by Neue Oper Wien, is performed both in Vienna (Museumsquartier) and Budapest (Müpa).

Neue Oper Wien
Peter Eötvös: Angels in America
Sophie Rennert: Harper Pitt, Ethel Rosenberg, Angel Antarctica
Wolfgang Resch: Joe Pitt
September 26th (première), 28th, 29th; October 1st: Vienna, Museumsquartier.
October 10th, 12th: Budapest, MÜPA.

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