Anton Legkii conducting Beethoven in Altenburg and Gera

Nearing the final phase of its selection process for the position of music director, the Theater Altenburg-Gera has picked six out of the great number of applicants, inviting them to conduct operas or concerts. The last but certainly not the least of them is Anton Legkii who, in March, is to conduct a Philharmonic Concert as an homage to Ludwig van Beethoven.

Theater Altenburg Gera
Anton Legkii: conductor
Ludwig van Beethoven: Coriolan-Overture
Ludwig van Beethoven: Great Fugue B major (arr. for string orchestra by Michael Gielen)
Ulrich Leyendecker: Concerto for bass clarinet and orchestra (world première)
Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 8
March 11th, 12th (Gera concert hall)
March 13th (Brüderkirche Altenburg)

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