Sophie Rennert returns to the Wiener Konzerthaus

Sophie Rennert was a member of the “Great Talent” focus programme of the Wiener Konzerthaus; now, as part of a series of presentations aiming to perform every single Bach cantata, she returns to the venue. Luca Pianca will conduct the Ensemble Claudiana and the Company of Music as they accompany Ms Rennert’s captivating mezzo voice in the Mozart hall at the Wiener Konzerthaus.

Before travelling to Vienna, she is expected in Budapest: On October 10th and 12th, she will mount the stage of the MÜPA as Harper Pitt in “Angels in America”, with the composer, Peter Eötvös, conducting. Alongside Ms Rennert will be baritone Wolfgang Resch who has undertaken to play the role of Joe Pitt.

Wiener Konzerthaus
Johann Sebastian Bach: Kantaten
Sophie Rennert: mezzo
October 28th

MÜPA Budapest (coproduction with the Neue Oper Wien)
Peter Eötvös: Angels in America
Sophie Rennert: Harper Pitt/Ethel/Angel Antartica
Wolfgang Resch: Joe Pitt
October 10th, 12th.

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