Painting with music: Thomas Lichtenecker in a musical homage to Liesl Karlstadt

Among the greatest comedians to ever have lived is Karl Valentin; but so is his congenial partner, foil, and friend, Liesl Karlstadt. In “Stillhang”, a work composed and conducted by Tyrolean Christian Spitzenstaetter, Isabel Karajan shows us this most famous comedienne of the interwar period during the true episode in which Liesl Karlstadt spends the years from 1941 to 1943 as “Lance Corporal Gustl” in a mountain infantry unit in Tyrol. (Karlstadt was truly heartbroken at that time.)

Countertenor Thomas Lichtenecker takes on the role of Fähnrich Michael von Bene in this true story, in this illustrated broadsheet replete with poetry and musical eloquence.

Christian Spitzenstaetter: “Stillhang”
Festspielhaus Erl
December 28th 6:00p


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