Gems, the second: Matthias Hoffmann in Braunfels’s “Jeanne d’Arc” at the Oper Köln

For the foundations of his opera “Jeanne d’Arc”, written while he himself, as “half-jew”, was subject to the Nazi despotism, Walter Braunfels went straight to the source—to the trial records from 1431. Stage director Tatjana Gürbaca does not see a drama of suffering, a Passion, in these scenes: to her, they manifest doubts, insecurity, uncertainty, even inner strife. On the stage of the Oper Köln, Matthias Hoffmann lends his versatile bass-baritone to the Archbishop of Reims and to Florent d’Illiers, while Stefan Soltesz conducts the work.

Oper Köln
Walter Braunfels: Jeanne d’Arc – Scenen aus dem Leben der heiligen Johanna
Matthias Hoffmann: Archbishop of Reims, Florent d’Illiers
April 14th, 20th, 22nd, 24th, 27th; May 4th


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