Early Music: Wolfgang Resch in Keiser’s “Croesus” (Paris) and Rameau’s “Zaïs” (Biel-Solothurn)

The Theater Biel-Solothurn already had to postpone the première of Rameau’s “Zaïs” with Wolfgang Resch as Cindor into April, but this new date is by no means certain. But as the old saw goes, hope springs eternal, and the cast is busily rehearsing under the direction of Anna Drescher and with Andreas Reize conducting.

A very similar situation prevails in France where, on April 15th and 16th, Wolfgang Resch is supposed to be on stage as Orsanès in Reinhard Keiser’s opera “Crésus” at the Théâtre Roger Barat Herblay. It is not yet clear whether the production created by French opera company Arcal can be performed in front of a live audience or whether it will at least be recorded.

Theater Orchester Biel-Solothurn
Jean-Philippe Rameau: “Zaïs”

Wolfgang Resch: Cindor

Arcal, Théâtre Roger Barat
Reinhard Keiser: “Crésus”
Wolfgang Resch: Orsanès
April 15th, 16th

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