Košice: Alexander Medem stages a new production of ”La traviata”

When Giuseppe Verdi wrote his opera “La traviata”, the resemblance to his own private life was evident: He was living in sin with the mother of several illegitimate children for years until he could finally marry his love in 1859.

Director Alexander Medem finds the key to unlocking “La traviata” precisely in the similarities to the composer’s life. Medem’s production at the State Theatre Košice places the storyline into the 19th century, thus obeying Verdi’s original intent. The staging highlights the conflicting interests of the individual and the society and points out that our necessities, especially that of leading our own lives by our own rules, clashed and still clashes with society’s conventions and expectations.

State Theatre Košice
Musical direction: Vinicius Kattah, Igor Dohovič
Stage direction: Alexander Medem
Sets, costumes, props: Katharina Heistinger
Choreography: Tomas Danielis

2019: October 4th (première), 5th, 9th, 10th; November 6th; December 7th
2020: January 14th; February 4th; March 29th; June 3rd

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